A blog about our big adventure on our narrowboat 'Amarantine'

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Where did five days go??

Where did the last five days go???

We've been doing some serious cruising - one day doing 20 miles and 19 locks until we arrived at Foxton on Sunday.

We then steadied down a bit and had a gentle cruise down to Market Harborough, did some shopping, and a gentle cruise back to Foxton. We passed Keith and Jo on Hadar moored along the cut on the way and shouted a greeting. A very pleasant day, marred only by the price of beer at Foxton, £3.10 a pint!! So only one pint and retired to the boat for the night. Just as well as it then chucked it down with rain for the whole night.

Today we set off up the Foxton staircase and had a steady cruise down to Crick. The only upset of the day was smashing our starboard nav light to pieces in Husbands Bosworth tunnel as with only 50 metres to go a boat came barging in the mouth of the tunnel, when it wouldn't have hurt him to wait two minutes till we had made our exit. Although to be fair Ken was steering so it wasn't actually the other blokes fault, but he could have waited.

The nav light have been a right pain, smashed the port one on a protrusion under a bridge now smashed the starboard one, had to take them both off to go through Standedge tunnel and we don't really need them anyway!! So we think we will take the remaining bits off the boat and chuck them in the bin.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ermm!! Naughty me!!

Hello everyone. I know I have been a naughty girl and not kept up with my blog. Well here is a quick run down.

After arriving at Torksey we motored on down to Lincoln, via Saxilby. Gave my mates and son a ring and basically had a weekend of get togethers, one too many (as usual) and some lovely food. Did a bit of dog walking and basking in the sun.

Then we went down to Boston to meet up with an old friend and wait for our mates to arrive on their boat. Unfortunately, the weather was not good so they came by car, poor them. We spent three nights in Boston, two nights it poured with rain, but eventually the sun came out, then we left to go back to Lincoln.

We moored once again at the Pyewipe Inn and celebrated my birthday early. We just stayed the one night and the next morning set off for home. I reckon it will take about two and half weeks.

It was my birthday on proper on Wednesday and the sun shined and shined it was gorgeous. We moored that night as a really beautiful spot had a few drinks, a nice dinner and collapsed, quite cream crackered!!!

Back through Torksey to Cromwell and onto the Trent and then the Soar, which is where we are now. We are moored at Ratcliffe lock, quite tired after a long cruise today. So an early night is probably in order.

We will be mosying back down through the canals now, which will be a change after all the enormous rivers and locks of recent weeks.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Friday's Cruise

Done the tidal Trent Keadby to Torksey, rather boring actually apart from the spray coming over the bow and hitting us in the face.

Now on the Fossdyke canal(which was kindly built for us by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago) and moored for the weekend at Saxilby,

Coming out of Keadby Lock onto the big, big river Trent

At the bottom of Keadyby Lock

Keadby Lock filling up behind us

Ken caught a fish, fish ok, Ken traumatised and gave up fishing!

Sliding railway bridge on Yorkshire Navigation - one of only three built

Sliding bridge closing

Pilon rally!!

Lynda pushing a swing bridge, oooh, I am soo strong!!!

House boat!!!

Lynda operating a lift bridge. What power I have, stopping the traffic, almost as much as a car park attendant with a limp!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Tidal Water

Convoy of narrowboats going down the tidal river Ouse

Turning into Selby lock - the gongoozlers are othere boaters hoping to get tips on 'how to do it!'

Moored at York the sun came out and our visitors arrived. So we sat in the sun with a bottle of wine and caught up with all the gossip. Later we went for a wander round York to look for something eat. Well, there are so many pubs and restaurants, just where do you start. We ended up in a pub specialising in different sausages, Lincolnshire whirl, cumberland etc. Trouble is they wouldn't have known one sausage from another. I think whatever you ordered you get the same, some cheap nasty mass produced sausage with no taste what so ever. Revolting! (Should have refused to pay really!!) This didn't however spoil the evening and we called into our favourite hostelry 'The Olde Starr Inn' on Stonegate. Then back to the boat for champagne cocktails (we really know how to live).

Sunday another hot and sunny day and after our guests left we cruised down to Naburn lock to wait for the tide on Monday. A total of seven narrowboats and three cruisers moored up waiting to go through. So after a wander up to the local in Naburn and a few drinks we had a pleasant evening chatting to all the other nervous boaters.

Half past twelve on Monday we all made our way into the lock, which is massive. The lock gates open and off we went like formula ones cars leaving the grid. The cruisers zoomed off so we didn't have worry about them again and we were number six in the convoy of seven narrowboats. We went steadily down river against the tide spreading out a little bit ready for turning and then going into Selby lock. By the time we got there the tide had long since turned and was rushing out at a fairish old lick but we all turned successfully and sat in mid stream, stationery in an orderly que waiting for our turn in the lock, which we all did with no major problems at all.

Had a pleasant night at Selby again wandering up and down and chatting to the other boaters and congratulating each other on our successful trip down the tidal bit.

Tuesday, big rivers, few locks, quite uneventful. However, we moored up at Jolly Miller Moorings at Whitley Bridge on the Aire and Calder, did some shopping and
checked out the local pub, we came back to the boat and thought we had been burgled!!! Not so, on closer inspection, there had been really, really big boats come by (pictured) and created a wave sooooo big it threw everything in our boat around. We are now nervously awaiting their return!!

I have a load of photographs to upload, but unfortunately not a good enough signal. I will keep trying and post them separately. Sorry to blog followers for my recent lapses in blogging!!

The bigger boats!!

The bigger boats!!

Kellingley Colliary

Friday, 13 August 2010

Return Journey

We stayed five nights in Ripon catching up with family and friends. On 11th August (which spookily is exactly two months from when we left Peterborough on 11th June) we turned around in the canal basin to head off back home. I didn't realise the spooky dates till afterwards.

Before we left Ripon we decided to use the British Waterways facilities. These are definitely the quaintest and cleanest facilites we have come across to date. There was even a video and book swap.

We are now moored once again in York. Our friends are coming to stay with us tomorrow. The rain has decided to set in and the temperature is getting cooler. I suppose we had some fantastic sunshine earlier on in the holiday so can't expect too much now.

Our plan is to go into Lincoln and then onto Boston before mosying back to Peterborough.

Monday, 9 August 2010

We've reached our goal - Ripon

We set out from Peterborough on 11th June and finally reached our destination 'Ripon', North Yorkshire on Saturday 7th August at 3.15pm.

Its been a fantastic journey. We have enjoyed every minute.

After leaving York we cruised on to Boroughbridge (my growing up territory). My sister and partner came by and we spent the evening doing a tour of all the pubs I frequented in my younger days. Not too many changes in all those years. The weir on the river and the salmon ladders where we used to swim haven't changed at all.

Saturday morning off we set for the final leg of our planned journey to Ripon. Lots of open water cruising finished off with the short Ripon Canal with three of the best locks we have come across on our travels. Very well looked after and maintained, not to mention easy to use.

The moorings near to the canal basin in Ripon are really good. The canal basin itself having a small courtyard of shops. Very pretty.

First job when we arrived was to visit Mum (and take her my washing). Second job - check out the locals.

We are going to Leeds on Tuesday to visit my sister in her new house (by car, not by boat). Then we will plan our journey back down to Peterborough. We will stop off in Lincoln and Boston on the way back down. We have friends we hope can join us on their boat, plus friends to visit in both places.

We are having visitors to the boat today, so some major cleaning works need to be undertaken to make her look decent. There are a lot of war wounds from the canals which will need attention when we get back.

The salmon ladders at Boroughbridge - one of my favourite playgrounds.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Unbelievable Progress

Since leaving Huddersfield, the canals and rivers have just got bigger and wider with all the water you could wish for (well I wished for it a couple of weeks ago anyhow). Progress is very rapid. Miles and miles of just cruising with very few locks. However, the locks are enormous, big enough for anything up to about 8 or 10 narrowboats at once. Amarantine did look a bit lost in the midst of the lock all by itself.

One of our overnight moorings was at Ferrybridge (very nice gated moorings). Not the most noteable place you may think. But, the coolings towers are a landmark from as long ago as I can remember. Passing by them on the A1 for holidays in Yorkshire, then later when I moved to Yorkshire and traveled back and forth visiting my Dad. In my wildest dreams I never would have guessed that I would pass them by river on my own narrowboat. Strange the twists and turns life takes.

On our route we saw so many boats but one stuck out a mile - it is a perfect vessel for our friend Ian (sorry Jennie).

Tuesday we set off for Selby lock - the gateway to the tidal Ouse. We were booked to go through on Wednesday lunchtime. We moored in Selby basin and went walkabout, as we usually do. We spotted nb SKYY, whose blog we had been following, and went for a chat. Wandered around Selby and sampled a couple of their pubs. The basin is a nice place to stay.

Wednesday, through the lock and out onto the tidal Ouse!!!. We didn't really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised - it was wasn't scary at all!! Below is a picture of a 'twig' rushing by.

It was a two and quarter hour trip on tidal water to Naburn lock to get onto the non-tidal Ouse. A bit boring and uneventful. Probably the highlight was passing a poor dead cow floating along and a sudden downpour, which I had very cleverly predicted and managed to get Ken suited up in waterproofs a split second before it fell.

Sharing Naburn lock with some fellow boaters.

We decided to motor on right through to York, which is where we are now moored. We had an early night last night, completely pooped by all the fresh air and cruising all day. Today we will spend visiting museums and a wander through 'The Shambles'.

Looking at Lendal Bridge from our mooring in York.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Amarantine Adventure Part 2

After leaving the boat at Huddersfield for ten days(had to pop home for hospital appointments etc) - not sure now which is home 'house or boat??? we are now back on the cut and have had a very pleasant day going down the Huddersfield Broad Canal and onto the Calder and Hebble Canal. We are moored up for the night at Mirfield near Dewsbury.

Our obstacle of the day was a lift bridge. You don't see many of these, it lifts completely verticle.

Monday, 19 July 2010

I wanna go home!!

We are at the moment suck above lock 8E on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. This canal has been a bit trying at times but is now getting me down. We need to be in Aspley Basin in Huddersfield by tomorrow night as we have train tickets to go home on Wednesday morning.

The picture tells the story, no water!!!!!

We caught the British Waterways guys trying to fix the problem.

I just hope there is some water in the morning or we will be 'high and dry' again tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Yippee, Pictures!!

Just thought I would give it a shot at loading up images, yippee here we are.

The Standedge Tunnel doesn't look a lot from the East Portal, just a tiny mouse hole!!

Its a different tunnel to any we have been through as you can see from the rocky face.

After the chaperones have togged you all up in hi-vis jackets and hard hats its off through we go.

We have been struggling a bit with lack of water, from this post you can see by how much the canal is down.

Power lines and pylons straddle the canal!!!!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Standedge Tunnel

After a sleepless night, grounded on the slosh we got up early Wednesday to assess the situation with the water in the pound feeding the lock we needed to go through. No better than the evening before when we rang the BW emergency line. So we put into action what we had been told to do, filling and re-filling locks and managing to fill the pound. We managed to slog our way through to the bottom lock of the Standedge Tunnel, but it was extremely hard work.

We were booked to go through on Monday 19th, which made us 4 days early. We decided to take a walk up to the mouth of the tunnel at Diggle. We were lucky there was one of the guide/minders there so we told him the situation "Get ya boat up here and you can go through today". We made haste back down the hill to get our boat. 10 Locks uphill later and we were at the mouth of the tunnel. I was really tired out at this point and in pain from my injuries after falling in yesterday.

It is an experience I wouldn't have misssed for the world. The tunnel is the longest at 3.25 miles, deepest at 635ft below the hill at the deepest point and highest at 648ft above sea level in the the country. The tunnel sides are a mixture of rough rocky stone and brick arches. I would post pictures, but once again, there is not enough of a signal to do so.

We are at present in a valley surrounded by hills in what would be desribed as 'Wuthering Heights' type countryside. The views are absolutley stunning. A lot of people won't come up the Huddersfield Canal as 74 locks and a 3.25 mile tunnel in the space of 20 miles cab be a bit off putting. But I can hand on heart say, it is worth it (and we haven't even had any good weather whilst on this canal yet).

There are another 30 locks to go until we reach our desitination - Aspley Basin at Huddersfield. We will set off in the morning as there is a shortage of water even more acute this side of the tunnel than there was the other side. By leaving it 24 hours the water levels should have recovered.

We have 5 days to do a 2 day journey from here to Huddersfield. With luck on our side we will make it. I am praying for a torrential downpour, but all we keep getting is a lot of wind and an occasional squally shower.

A couple just stopped by the boat and told us there are two boats stuck high and dry further down the lock flight!! Perhaps we will have to club together and work out a strategy to get us all moving.

On a lighter note they informed us there is a small town with pub, restaurant, shops etc. so with push bikes at the ready, thats this evenings plan.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Falling in the Cut!!

They say your not a proper boater till you have fallen in, but more of that later.

The day started well. We had been moored up at Ashton-Under-Lyne and we got a reasonably early start and turned right up the Huddersfield Narrow canal. Everything was going swimmingly (ha ha), until we met a boat coming the other way just after lock 9W (where the sewage filter beds are) went to go out the next lock and of course not much water because he'd used a lock full and we had used a lock full. We kept getting stuck on the bottom and this is when I made my big discovery a bicycle in the canal, Ken fished it out and I fell in, so he fished me out as well - now I am a 'Proper Boater'.

Met another boat stuck on the bottom just out of lock 18W. Helped him to get underway and with the aid of the centre rope managed to pull ourselves into the lock. Filled the lock and low and behold, there was a puddle the other side!!!!!!!!!!!! to make matters worse the paddles were leaking so badly that it slowly lowered us back down again. So we reversed out of the lock and are spending the night grounded in the middle of the cut. A nice man at BW said that things should have sorted themselves out by morning.

It is at present raining, but really I would like a torrential downpour!!

Our original plan to make this trip via the tidal Trent, seems right now to be a very wise plan (which of course we changed at the last minute, as you do).

Friday, 9 July 2010

Stunning and Scorching!!

We have been travelling the Macclesfield canal today, what stunning views and countryside. We had to be at Marple by mid afternoon ready for visitors arriving tonite. We made it and set off in search of a local hostelry to sample in readiness. Sampled and booked for 8.30pm.

Ken rather liked the particular place we picked as it had beer and barmaids to match!!!!!

Our friends, Dot and Stuart, are at this very moment in time zooming towards us on their motorbike. Hope they get here soon I am starving! Ken is having a nap, so he will be on top form tonite.

We like where we are at the moment so will probably stay for a couple of days. Not to mention the grand prix is on on Sunday and also there is a local brass band that Ken seems determined to listen to. So we were not going anywhere!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Yippee Pictures!!!

Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to upload some piccys.

A little selection of things here.

Ken with the sweetest little visitor to our boat, she invited herself.

A slipper with a stone gaffer taped to it?? If anyone can tell me what this would be used for I would be eternally grateful. We didn't get a chance to ask the owners.

Some random shots of our BBQ and various sights along the way. The village with all the black and white houses is Alrewas, which we fell in love with. Mind you it is the first place I have ever been where they have a prolem with smoking dogs!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Goodbye John and Mary

Sorry again folks, I know its been a week since I last updated but the weather has been fab and the signal for the computer poor, hence once again no pictures (really upset and frustrated about this).

We spent a couple of nights at Alrewas, which is the prettiest village ever. We tried the fish and chips, then the local. Low and behold, live entertainment in the form of 'John the Fiddler' (bit of a dogdy name I thought). He was fantastic!!! We had a great night. The following evening we had our final drink with John and Mary, as the following morning we were heading off in different directions at Fradley Junction. We are travelling alone now and we will miss them very much. I wonder where they are now?

Most days are very samey. Get up, set off and cruise. Moor up, find food and pub. It is the different people at the locks and on other boats that make it interesting, not to mention the scenery. Some of it is very much like home and other parts, the industrial parts are quite amazing and quite sad. Sometimes you can image how it used to be when it was bustling with activity and horses pulled the boats.

We have now reached Congleton, needing supplies only to find that it is half day closing on Wednesdays, just our luck. Mind you I bet there is a pub open somewhere!!!

One of the highlights on the way was the Harecastle Tunnel which took 45 minutes to get through. We didn't see the ghost, but there was a strange misty bit in the middle of the tunnel!

Last night we were at Stoke on Trent, which is nothing to write home about. Anyway, we went to a friends house for a drink and he dropped us back at our boat in his car, using the pub car park nearby. Anyway, while he happened to be on our boat chatting the car park gates got closed and locked!! So, seeing a small bush, decided he could drive his car and make a get away OVER the bush, after all he had seen this done in the movies. WRONG move, car got stuck on the bush and he had to call a friend to tow him off!! Fortunately no damage was done to his car. But he might think twice before trying to copy something he's seen on the telly!!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday we copied half of Britain!

First my apologies for not updating my blog every day, as I had firmly intended when I started it. Due to technical problems, ie. not being able to upload photos for some reason I have been getting inreasingly frustrated with the whole thing!

Anyway, on Saturday after a beautiful day cruising we moored at Kegworth and copied half of Britain and had a BBQ. This hot weather really is good for getting the fellas to do the cooking. Needless to say the heat put paid to anything else and we crashed out from booze and heat exhaustion!!

Sunday we had a very easy day and did very little cruising, ending up at Sawley to watch the grandprix and football.

Monday another easy cruising day, very hot again, so we moored at Shardlow, which is very pretty. There is a Heritage Centre there, which I couldn't wait to go and look round. Unfortunately it is only open weekends and bank holidays. So was a bit annoyed about that, but to ease my annoyance we fell into the local canalside pub. A quick pohone call to our friends Jennie and Ian with an invite and they came to see us and we had a lovely evening and very surprisingly good 'Two for a Tenner' meals. The Clock Warehouse comes highly recommended.

We think that every day is like the 'first day of a holiday' - get there, dump the suitcases (moor up) and then go exploring, its great and we are having the most fantastic time. We don't think we ever want to go home!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Goodbye Pete and Trish

A very pleasant cruising day, locking with a hire boat (they handled it very well actually). Moored up for the night on the secure moorings at Castle Garden in Leicester. Had a lovely evening sitting on the mooring with a few drinkies and saying goodbye to two of our travelling companions, Pete and Trish, who had to turn back and head home on Friday morning.

We set off leisurely this morning, with several destinations in mind, ended up at Barrow-On-Soar. Lovely setting with pub and park, sun and people. What more could you ask for.

Unfortunately signal not good enough today for loading photo's, which I really wanted to do.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Foxton Staircase and more!!!!

Yesterday we spent a very leisurely day cruising, no locks, just cruising in the sunshine from Crick to Foxton Locks.

We got to Foxton a bit late in the day and arranged with the lock keeper to stay at the top until morning. However, one of our party went down anyway and moored at the bottom.

We all went for dinner at the pub (can't remember the name, the big one). Highly recommended even if the service was a bit dodgy (it was very hot and I think they maybe got taken by surprise how busy it may be).

This morning we were up with the larks. By 9.15am we were down the staircase and in the local shop waiting for the bread delivery.

Anyway, onwards and upwards (well downwards actually), 12 locks later, making a total of 22 locks in one day we moored and went on walkabout to check out the area. Pub found, beer sampled and back home for dinner.

A hard but uneventful day.

Was paid big, big compliment from the boat moored infront, when he came to enquire who had made our cratch cover because he thought it was very good and he needed a new one. Ken had great delight in telling him that it was home made from a wallpaper template, material purchased from Ebay and stitched up onboard the boat on a trusty old singer sewing machine (if you can make curtains you can make anything!!).

I must admit, I had difficulty getting my head back through the door onto the boat! lol

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bad food and doggy on walkabout

We are not compainers, we don't rock the boat (so to speak) but we really did feel like doing so on Sunday night at the New Inn at Buckby Wharf. We were starving hungry, ordered our food and waited, and waited and waited. After enquiring after our order it arrived, immediately, looking rather sad. Anyway, we tucked in, it was poor but we were very, very hungry. I think it had been put on the hotplate for 45 minutes till we asked where it was. Anyway, we didn't complain, but DO NOT EAT AT THIS PLACE. I woke in the night with tummy ache, need I say more.

Monday morning, looking forward to a good start up the flight at Watford and on to Crick. Oh no, one of our cruising buddies had lost his dog on a late night toilet trip. That was it, we were then hunting in earnest for the next hour or so. Bingo, news got round and then someone heard it on the radio DOG FOUND!! Sure enough it was Toby (who happens to be a bitch, but thats a long story). An hour later Toby was returned by the kind lady who had found her at 3.30 am wandering along the A5 and looking very lost. Toby wasn't sure she wanted to go back home for a start as she had been spoiled rotton since being found. (I think the finders were hoping it would be keepers).

The remainder of the day, I am pleased to say was uneventful although hard work going up the staircase locks.

I have tried up load a picture of the staircase, but, it was a no go today, poor connection I think.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

On schedule, despite ourselves!!

Before we set off on our journey, we printed out a planned route of our journey using http://www.canalplan.org.uk and considering we have been taking it easy we are quite surprised to find we are bang on schedule.

Yesterday (Saturday) we came all the way up the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal and moored for the night at a convenient canalside pub for some much needed refreshment. I liked the name of the place 'The Wharf' at 'Bugbrooke'. Enquired about eating and was given the menu and told they started serving at 6.00pm. 6.00pm came we arrived and asked for a table, only to be told that they were fully booked. That is like some medieval torture!!! Back to the boat for egg and chips. Back to the pub for beer.

Today we have a superb cruising day and have moored up at Buckby Wharf.. Had some interesting company on the way up the locks, (which are big and heavy). Justin and Michelle had just picked up their brand spanking new Aqualine boat, with paintwork to rival a Rolls Royce. These being the first locks Michelle had ever done, I tried to give her some tips and encouragement, I think most of it fell on deaf ears!!!! and the paintwork should touch up ok, but they were lovely people.

This is where we are moored for tonite and just getting ready to go and have our dinner, which I am soooo ready for after all those locks.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The difference between being on holiday and being retired!!

The last time we came up the Nene to the Grand Union Canal, we had two weeks holiday. We therefore did Peterborough to Stoke Bruern in three days. But, now that we are retired we have been seven days and we have only got as far as Cogenhoe Mill!!!!!!!!!!! But what a lovely time we've had sitting out in the evenings having a few drinks with fellow boaters, life doesn't get a lot better!

Today though we hit the dreaded 'WEEDS', we have never seen it so bad it must be all the sunny weather. Just after Whiston Lock we came across a narrowboat stuck solid in the weeds. We took his stern rope and towed him out into the shipping lane and waved cherio only to see him sticking it in forward gear and going straight back in the weeds.

We should make Northampton tomorrow, but then again, maybe not!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Progress !!!!!!!!!

Well considering where we should be, we are NOT!!!!!

All well and good being laid back, but, it does seem to hinder one slightly!!

We moored at Oundle Boat Club, 12.00 mid-day, thought we would have a quick pint and came out at 7.00 pm, I think that is what you call 'being made welcome'. Ken even missed Grand Prix which he never does.

So, today, Monday, we have had a 'getting over it day' and will be on the move again tomorrow.

Wanted to upload pictures, but the silly computer will not let us!!!! Very frustrating!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Adventure Begins

Three fifteen on 11th June 2010 - at last we set off on our big adventure to Ripon by canal.

Our friends came and waved us off from our mooring at Peterborough Yacht Club, Elaine and Geoffrey gave two bottles of wine and choccys (yum, yum), thank you very much.

The sun came out and we had a lovely cruise to Wansford lock. We moored up and walked up into Yarwell to see old friends and have a much needed bevvy at The Angel Inn.

Walking back to the boat I had forgotten just how dark 'dark' is!! But we made it back without falling in anything wet!!

A lazy start this morning, now moored up for lunch at Elton, aiming for Oundle for drinks friends this evening.

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Engine Needed

Our little 3 cylinder Yanmar has been absolutely brilliant pushing our 55 footer up and down the Nene, Middle Levels and Ouse. We now want to go further afield, which is going to take in the tidal Trent!

Ken has picked up two brand new Perkins 2.2 litre (404-22) generator engines and has been busy over the winter getting one ready to go in the boat. For weeks now a new parcel arrived on the doorstep every week, aqua drive, hospital silencer (that was a big one!), exhaust fittings etc. ~Of course all this leads to a quick exit of money from the bank account to pay for all these 'necessary' items!!!!

Anyway, feeling skint but the proud owner of a shiney engine it was time to start her up and see if the hard work was worthwhile........ she sounds beautiful, looks pretty good too!!!

Now its time to get the boat out of the water and starting the engine change over, hopefully in the next week or two.


We have recently been glued to our laptop reading blogs from all the narrowboat bloggers out there, nb 'No Problem' being the catalyst!! I frequently have to prise Ken away from the screen at odd hours of the morning!

We just couldn't wait to join in and have started a blog of our own about our immiment adventure from the Nene at Peterborough to Ripon in North Yorkshire (my Mum lives there) on our narrowboat 'Amarantine'.