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Friday, 9 July 2010

Stunning and Scorching!!

We have been travelling the Macclesfield canal today, what stunning views and countryside. We had to be at Marple by mid afternoon ready for visitors arriving tonite. We made it and set off in search of a local hostelry to sample in readiness. Sampled and booked for 8.30pm.

Ken rather liked the particular place we picked as it had beer and barmaids to match!!!!!

Our friends, Dot and Stuart, are at this very moment in time zooming towards us on their motorbike. Hope they get here soon I am starving! Ken is having a nap, so he will be on top form tonite.

We like where we are at the moment so will probably stay for a couple of days. Not to mention the grand prix is on on Sunday and also there is a local brass band that Ken seems determined to listen to. So we were not going anywhere!!

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  1. Looks like you are really dropping into this lovely lifestyle we live in well, this parallel universe of ours is rather special.
    Graham and Jill