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Monday, 5 July 2010

Goodbye John and Mary

Sorry again folks, I know its been a week since I last updated but the weather has been fab and the signal for the computer poor, hence once again no pictures (really upset and frustrated about this).

We spent a couple of nights at Alrewas, which is the prettiest village ever. We tried the fish and chips, then the local. Low and behold, live entertainment in the form of 'John the Fiddler' (bit of a dogdy name I thought). He was fantastic!!! We had a great night. The following evening we had our final drink with John and Mary, as the following morning we were heading off in different directions at Fradley Junction. We are travelling alone now and we will miss them very much. I wonder where they are now?

Most days are very samey. Get up, set off and cruise. Moor up, find food and pub. It is the different people at the locks and on other boats that make it interesting, not to mention the scenery. Some of it is very much like home and other parts, the industrial parts are quite amazing and quite sad. Sometimes you can image how it used to be when it was bustling with activity and horses pulled the boats.

We have now reached Congleton, needing supplies only to find that it is half day closing on Wednesdays, just our luck. Mind you I bet there is a pub open somewhere!!!

One of the highlights on the way was the Harecastle Tunnel which took 45 minutes to get through. We didn't see the ghost, but there was a strange misty bit in the middle of the tunnel!

Last night we were at Stoke on Trent, which is nothing to write home about. Anyway, we went to a friends house for a drink and he dropped us back at our boat in his car, using the pub car park nearby. Anyway, while he happened to be on our boat chatting the car park gates got closed and locked!! So, seeing a small bush, decided he could drive his car and make a get away OVER the bush, after all he had seen this done in the movies. WRONG move, car got stuck on the bush and he had to call a friend to tow him off!! Fortunately no damage was done to his car. But he might think twice before trying to copy something he's seen on the telly!!

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