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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday we copied half of Britain!

First my apologies for not updating my blog every day, as I had firmly intended when I started it. Due to technical problems, ie. not being able to upload photos for some reason I have been getting inreasingly frustrated with the whole thing!

Anyway, on Saturday after a beautiful day cruising we moored at Kegworth and copied half of Britain and had a BBQ. This hot weather really is good for getting the fellas to do the cooking. Needless to say the heat put paid to anything else and we crashed out from booze and heat exhaustion!!

Sunday we had a very easy day and did very little cruising, ending up at Sawley to watch the grandprix and football.

Monday another easy cruising day, very hot again, so we moored at Shardlow, which is very pretty. There is a Heritage Centre there, which I couldn't wait to go and look round. Unfortunately it is only open weekends and bank holidays. So was a bit annoyed about that, but to ease my annoyance we fell into the local canalside pub. A quick pohone call to our friends Jennie and Ian with an invite and they came to see us and we had a lovely evening and very surprisingly good 'Two for a Tenner' meals. The Clock Warehouse comes highly recommended.

We think that every day is like the 'first day of a holiday' - get there, dump the suitcases (moor up) and then go exploring, its great and we are having the most fantastic time. We don't think we ever want to go home!

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