A blog about our big adventure on our narrowboat 'Amarantine'

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Where did five days go??

Where did the last five days go???

We've been doing some serious cruising - one day doing 20 miles and 19 locks until we arrived at Foxton on Sunday.

We then steadied down a bit and had a gentle cruise down to Market Harborough, did some shopping, and a gentle cruise back to Foxton. We passed Keith and Jo on Hadar moored along the cut on the way and shouted a greeting. A very pleasant day, marred only by the price of beer at Foxton, £3.10 a pint!! So only one pint and retired to the boat for the night. Just as well as it then chucked it down with rain for the whole night.

Today we set off up the Foxton staircase and had a steady cruise down to Crick. The only upset of the day was smashing our starboard nav light to pieces in Husbands Bosworth tunnel as with only 50 metres to go a boat came barging in the mouth of the tunnel, when it wouldn't have hurt him to wait two minutes till we had made our exit. Although to be fair Ken was steering so it wasn't actually the other blokes fault, but he could have waited.

The nav light have been a right pain, smashed the port one on a protrusion under a bridge now smashed the starboard one, had to take them both off to go through Standedge tunnel and we don't really need them anyway!! So we think we will take the remaining bits off the boat and chuck them in the bin.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ermm!! Naughty me!!

Hello everyone. I know I have been a naughty girl and not kept up with my blog. Well here is a quick run down.

After arriving at Torksey we motored on down to Lincoln, via Saxilby. Gave my mates and son a ring and basically had a weekend of get togethers, one too many (as usual) and some lovely food. Did a bit of dog walking and basking in the sun.

Then we went down to Boston to meet up with an old friend and wait for our mates to arrive on their boat. Unfortunately, the weather was not good so they came by car, poor them. We spent three nights in Boston, two nights it poured with rain, but eventually the sun came out, then we left to go back to Lincoln.

We moored once again at the Pyewipe Inn and celebrated my birthday early. We just stayed the one night and the next morning set off for home. I reckon it will take about two and half weeks.

It was my birthday on proper on Wednesday and the sun shined and shined it was gorgeous. We moored that night as a really beautiful spot had a few drinks, a nice dinner and collapsed, quite cream crackered!!!

Back through Torksey to Cromwell and onto the Trent and then the Soar, which is where we are now. We are moored at Ratcliffe lock, quite tired after a long cruise today. So an early night is probably in order.

We will be mosying back down through the canals now, which will be a change after all the enormous rivers and locks of recent weeks.