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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Foxton Staircase and more!!!!

Yesterday we spent a very leisurely day cruising, no locks, just cruising in the sunshine from Crick to Foxton Locks.

We got to Foxton a bit late in the day and arranged with the lock keeper to stay at the top until morning. However, one of our party went down anyway and moored at the bottom.

We all went for dinner at the pub (can't remember the name, the big one). Highly recommended even if the service was a bit dodgy (it was very hot and I think they maybe got taken by surprise how busy it may be).

This morning we were up with the larks. By 9.15am we were down the staircase and in the local shop waiting for the bread delivery.

Anyway, onwards and upwards (well downwards actually), 12 locks later, making a total of 22 locks in one day we moored and went on walkabout to check out the area. Pub found, beer sampled and back home for dinner.

A hard but uneventful day.

Was paid big, big compliment from the boat moored infront, when he came to enquire who had made our cratch cover because he thought it was very good and he needed a new one. Ken had great delight in telling him that it was home made from a wallpaper template, material purchased from Ebay and stitched up onboard the boat on a trusty old singer sewing machine (if you can make curtains you can make anything!!).

I must admit, I had difficulty getting my head back through the door onto the boat! lol

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