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Thursday, 17 June 2010

The difference between being on holiday and being retired!!

The last time we came up the Nene to the Grand Union Canal, we had two weeks holiday. We therefore did Peterborough to Stoke Bruern in three days. But, now that we are retired we have been seven days and we have only got as far as Cogenhoe Mill!!!!!!!!!!! But what a lovely time we've had sitting out in the evenings having a few drinks with fellow boaters, life doesn't get a lot better!

Today though we hit the dreaded 'WEEDS', we have never seen it so bad it must be all the sunny weather. Just after Whiston Lock we came across a narrowboat stuck solid in the weeds. We took his stern rope and towed him out into the shipping lane and waved cherio only to see him sticking it in forward gear and going straight back in the weeds.

We should make Northampton tomorrow, but then again, maybe not!!

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