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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bad food and doggy on walkabout

We are not compainers, we don't rock the boat (so to speak) but we really did feel like doing so on Sunday night at the New Inn at Buckby Wharf. We were starving hungry, ordered our food and waited, and waited and waited. After enquiring after our order it arrived, immediately, looking rather sad. Anyway, we tucked in, it was poor but we were very, very hungry. I think it had been put on the hotplate for 45 minutes till we asked where it was. Anyway, we didn't complain, but DO NOT EAT AT THIS PLACE. I woke in the night with tummy ache, need I say more.

Monday morning, looking forward to a good start up the flight at Watford and on to Crick. Oh no, one of our cruising buddies had lost his dog on a late night toilet trip. That was it, we were then hunting in earnest for the next hour or so. Bingo, news got round and then someone heard it on the radio DOG FOUND!! Sure enough it was Toby (who happens to be a bitch, but thats a long story). An hour later Toby was returned by the kind lady who had found her at 3.30 am wandering along the A5 and looking very lost. Toby wasn't sure she wanted to go back home for a start as she had been spoiled rotton since being found. (I think the finders were hoping it would be keepers).

The remainder of the day, I am pleased to say was uneventful although hard work going up the staircase locks.

I have tried up load a picture of the staircase, but, it was a no go today, poor connection I think.

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  1. You do know that in the UK if the food is not up to standard you can offer to pay what you think it's worth. Ive seen people do it ! Maybe that's why they ask for the money up front in a lot of Pubs nowadays !