A blog about our big adventure on our narrowboat 'Amarantine'

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Adventure Begins

Three fifteen on 11th June 2010 - at last we set off on our big adventure to Ripon by canal.

Our friends came and waved us off from our mooring at Peterborough Yacht Club, Elaine and Geoffrey gave two bottles of wine and choccys (yum, yum), thank you very much.

The sun came out and we had a lovely cruise to Wansford lock. We moored up and walked up into Yarwell to see old friends and have a much needed bevvy at The Angel Inn.

Walking back to the boat I had forgotten just how dark 'dark' is!! But we made it back without falling in anything wet!!

A lazy start this morning, now moored up for lunch at Elton, aiming for Oundle for drinks friends this evening.


  1. Bon Voyage, hope all goes well.
    we are now at Upwell on Well Creek and struggling to get through, dragging our bottom everywhere.

  2. Do they still sell diesel at the Peterborough Yacht Club? I bought it from them last time I was that way and I have friends coming down in a couple of weeks how may require a top up.