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Friday, 12 February 2010

New Engine Needed

Our little 3 cylinder Yanmar has been absolutely brilliant pushing our 55 footer up and down the Nene, Middle Levels and Ouse. We now want to go further afield, which is going to take in the tidal Trent!

Ken has picked up two brand new Perkins 2.2 litre (404-22) generator engines and has been busy over the winter getting one ready to go in the boat. For weeks now a new parcel arrived on the doorstep every week, aqua drive, hospital silencer (that was a big one!), exhaust fittings etc. ~Of course all this leads to a quick exit of money from the bank account to pay for all these 'necessary' items!!!!

Anyway, feeling skint but the proud owner of a shiney engine it was time to start her up and see if the hard work was worthwhile........ she sounds beautiful, looks pretty good too!!!

Now its time to get the boat out of the water and starting the engine change over, hopefully in the next week or two.


  1. Will you be increasing the size of the skin cooling tank now you have a bigger engine?

    We hope to get back to the Fens this summer, do you know if the Peterbourough Yacht Club still selld diesel to none members.

    Brian ditchcrawler@gmail.com

  2. Sorry for the delay, only just found your comment!!

    Yes we put another skin tank on the opposite swim, linked them and that works well. We are really thrilled to bits with the new engine and how quiet it is with the hospital silencer.

    Yes PYC still sells diesel.

    You will see from our blog we are now on our travels round the canals heading in the direction of Ripon.