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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Unbelievable Progress

Since leaving Huddersfield, the canals and rivers have just got bigger and wider with all the water you could wish for (well I wished for it a couple of weeks ago anyhow). Progress is very rapid. Miles and miles of just cruising with very few locks. However, the locks are enormous, big enough for anything up to about 8 or 10 narrowboats at once. Amarantine did look a bit lost in the midst of the lock all by itself.

One of our overnight moorings was at Ferrybridge (very nice gated moorings). Not the most noteable place you may think. But, the coolings towers are a landmark from as long ago as I can remember. Passing by them on the A1 for holidays in Yorkshire, then later when I moved to Yorkshire and traveled back and forth visiting my Dad. In my wildest dreams I never would have guessed that I would pass them by river on my own narrowboat. Strange the twists and turns life takes.

On our route we saw so many boats but one stuck out a mile - it is a perfect vessel for our friend Ian (sorry Jennie).

Tuesday we set off for Selby lock - the gateway to the tidal Ouse. We were booked to go through on Wednesday lunchtime. We moored in Selby basin and went walkabout, as we usually do. We spotted nb SKYY, whose blog we had been following, and went for a chat. Wandered around Selby and sampled a couple of their pubs. The basin is a nice place to stay.

Wednesday, through the lock and out onto the tidal Ouse!!!. We didn't really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised - it was wasn't scary at all!! Below is a picture of a 'twig' rushing by.

It was a two and quarter hour trip on tidal water to Naburn lock to get onto the non-tidal Ouse. A bit boring and uneventful. Probably the highlight was passing a poor dead cow floating along and a sudden downpour, which I had very cleverly predicted and managed to get Ken suited up in waterproofs a split second before it fell.

Sharing Naburn lock with some fellow boaters.

We decided to motor on right through to York, which is where we are now moored. We had an early night last night, completely pooped by all the fresh air and cruising all day. Today we will spend visiting museums and a wander through 'The Shambles'.

Looking at Lendal Bridge from our mooring in York.

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