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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thames again

One of the locks on the Caen Hill flight

At last we are back on the Thames. I must admit I really do like it, big water and lots going on. The moorings are a bit few and far between but a lot of them are perfect for Max and mousing!! He is bloody good, off the boat, mouse caught and back in the boat so quick and then I am bloody chasing after mousy. I wish he wouldn't bring us live presents!!!

The trip back to the Thames from Bath was largely uneventful. We had quite a lot of time without, TV, phone or a computer signal so felt bit out of it. When we did get a signal all sorts had happened in the world, unfortunately nothing good.

One of the more interesting stops was at a pub called 'The Barge' at Honeystreet. This area is famous for 'crop circles'. There are photos of all the local circles on the walls of the pub. It is also a meeting place for 'croppies', like train spotters but crop circles instead. Would you believe we actually sat next to some with their computers studying the latest circles.

Passed a couple of local boats from the Peterborough area. The Wee Fella, Rodgy Rodgy and one from Oundle with no name. Didn't get chance to chat which was a shame.

We also bumped into a hire boat with twelve teenagers!! What a nightmare, and it was, we locked with them, but not for long, they found a pub and stopped, lucky us!! We also bumped into the horse drawn trip boat at Hundgerford, that was quite a treat.

Glad we've got an engine, but it was nice to see how it used to be done

We moored in Reading, which was really nice. We happened to moor next to a boat called 'Lady Dawn'. We had heard of this boat as when going down the flight of 29 locks at Devizes we had heard of two boats getting stuck in lock 38 coming up the flight. Fairy liquid had been used to free the boats. It was nice to meet the lady who was at the tiller on the day, she had to laugh when I told her she was famous!!

Pixie with her owner 'the famous lady in lock 38'

This was probably Max's favourite mooring ever as he had a playmate 'Pixie' a seven month old female tortoishell kitten. They loved to hate each other!!

So back on the Thames and on our way home. We are moored and watching Formula 1, which of course is a must do!

Enjoying the hot, hot weather. So many people are enjoying the water, even swimming in the river, which I haven't seen adults doing in years.

Max eyeing up dinner!!

Mmmm not sure where these are supposed to be going???

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