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Monday, 11 February 2013

Apologies and an up-date

 I’d like to apologise to everyone for not finishing this blog in 2011 when I really should have done.  Several things got in the way and life thew us a curved ball.  My health didn’t seem quite right although we couldn’t put a finger on it at the time.  It was another two months before it became clear what was the matter.  Unfortunately I had to start chemotherapy for the second time.

But, back to the last thirty days of our round trip to London.

At this time we were experiencing some fantastic hot weather.  It was perfect for travelling so we decided we would head off down to Lechlade so we could say we had ‘done’ the whole of the navigable Thames.

Well, I have never come across such a wriggly river route, not to mention we had no guide book so didn’t know how far, where to stop or what facilities were available.  It turned out – not a lot!!  A very strange journey.  Unfortunately we found it neither relaxing nor picturesque.

 I tried a bit of bread making, but it didn't go to plan!!

We were pleasantly surprised by Lechlade itself with its profusion of antique shops.  The pub on the river, aptly named ‘Riverside’ does lovely food, best chips I’ve ever had.  We only stayed for a couple of nights here and looked forward to getting to Abingdon.

The plan was to moor at Abingdon for the best part of a week to wait for Brenda and Mick to catch up with us.  They had been on their own agenda but we were all meeting up to attend a surprise 50th birthday party and then travel the rest of the way home together.  We had a brilliant party.

The weather was fantastic and Max made himself the talk of the towpath with his antics.  Mainly hiding behind a bush and jumping out to scare the passing dogs.  He also indulged himself trespassing on other people’s boats.  I’m glad to say no-one seemed to mind him being nosey.

 Max checking out the neighbours

We set off for Oxford in the blazing sun.  We couldn’t have wished for better weather.  My son Kam was meeting us in Oxford and travelling with us down to Banbury.  It was meant as a short relaxing break.  However, no sooner had we picked him up and the heavens opened for the next four days and his break turned into a washout.  It was his first proper introduction to boating – I’m sure he thought we were completely barking carrying on down through the locks to Banbury in torrential rain.

 One very brief dry spell

The sun came out at Banbury and Kam got on the bus home.  Typical!!

Our trip from Banbury all the way to Northampton boat club was disappointingly very uneventful.  The sun shone for the most part and we only stayed over night at each stop.

We stayed at Northampton boat club for the whole weekend and helped the club celebrate their 100th anniversary.  Saw lots of old friends and caught up on the gossip.

From there we were anxious to get home.  I don’t know why but he nearer we get to home the quicker we want to get there when the time comes.  The Nene can be tiresome and when the weather changes and turns cold all of a sudden (which is what it did), home just can’t come quick enough.

 Strange colours in the sky

We arrived on our mooring at 17.30 on 31st August 2011 after 100 days of travelling.

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