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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Funny day today really!!!

Last supper

Its been a really funny day today, topped off with the most amazing dinner for two!! – but more about that later, bit of a catch up first.

We left Windsor and moved onto Marlow. We had a lovely mooring which was perfect for Max and the dogs. The evening was so warm we sat out till late with a beer and just chilled. Max caught a mouse, which he then played with for the next 24 hours before eating it!! We really have been blessed so far with the weather.

Our next trip took us through/past ‘Henley Regatta’. Well what can I say, what an amazing display of boats and people. ‘People watching’ moved into a whole new domain, it really was a sight to see. On our way we had stopped for water at Boveney Lock where we bumped into nb Poppy. We had a lovely chat and Max looked at Sid (Poppy’s cat) through the window and I think they would have liked to play.

Yes, it is really real!!


Nice boat, boater!!

Boats galore!

Plenty of bars, but plenty of people too

Our mooring for the night was in Sonning, which is a very old, quaint village. We were moored near to Uri Geller’s house. I was a bit worried about my spoons, but they survived the night!!!! The pub here ‘The Bull’ was really old and quite interesting. This was our last night with the others, John, Mary, Trish and Pete.

We headed off next morning for Tesco at Reading for a much needed re-stock of just about everything. All stocked and ready for the Kennet and Avon. We all set off and went through the first lock on the K and A together to gawp at all the big shops at ‘The Oracle’ shopping centre. Then we parted company with the others and waved bye bye.

One of the very last remaining turf locks on the Kennet and Avon

Don't ask!!

Our first night alone we moored outside ‘Cunning Man’ at Burghfield. Nice mooring, nice pub, but they did run out of real ale and Stella!!! We heard later they also ran out of most of the food they were serving. Bit strange when that is their business!

At one of the locks on this stretch we came across the first bit of bad behaviour. Two obnoxious young kids about age ten were misbehaving around the lock. Wasn’t nice at all.

Our next day was totally uneventful, we doubled up with another boat for the locks and moored up next to a big field for Max and chilled out, had a great dinner, cooked by me and fell asleep after watching a DVD.

Back to today!!! The funny day!!! Well it started with beautiful sunshine and a big bang and a cloud of dust!!! A vehicle had ended up on its side not far from the boat. An ambulance appeared very quickly and I am pleased to say there was only walked wounded. Don’t know what happened but it was soon sorted. On our way, and we got to the third lock, ambulance!!!! There was a community trip boat and one of the crew had fainted, fallen and split his head open. The ambulance carted him off and re-delivered him two locks further along, complete with stitches. Not bad service if you ask me. Back on our way, another couple of locks down and the heavens opened. We decided to call it a day and moor for the night at Thatcham. Off we went to check out the pub. Two for a tenner, that’s good we will have dinner here. So I went to order, two dinners, fill in a form, 50% off, £5 please – you could have knocked me over with a feather. This has got to be the cheapest we have eaten on any trip ever!! 10 out of 10 ‘The Swan’ at Thatcham.

Ok then, lets just ignore each other!!!!


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