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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bristol and S.S. Great Britain

S.S. Great Britain

We have just spent the last few days in Bristol. What a really nice place it is. The weather wasn't kind to us and the wind, rain and cold did dampen our visit a little.

We wandered round the old town and found a pub with a Jazz band playing, which was quite unusual.

The hightlight was definitely a visit to see S.S. Great Britain. This ship is fantastic and has a really interesting story spanning 160 years since it was built. It is now back on the sight where it was built in a dry dock. You can walk round the ship and see what it was like to travel on her and the museum goes through all the history. It is the best visitor centre we have ever been to and well worth a visit. Very good value for money on the entrance and the cafe didn't rip us off either.

View from our mooring in Bristol Harbour

Its nice to sit and watch all the ships, boats and canoes etc in the harbour, you never get bored. There are even a few oddities like a galleon!!

We have turned around and are now heading back towards Reading and the Thames. Tonite we are back in Bath, moored in a quiet spot between locks. Well it is quiet as far as cars etc go but very lively with hire boats locking. I have a feeling we will be on the bottom of the canal if any more boats go through tonite and let any more water out!!

This could loosley be described as an oddity!!

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