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Monday, 13 May 2013

What a lovely start to our trip

What a lovely week!

Well it started out that way.

We have been travelling with Pete and Sharon in their boat Venice.  We started out at Peterborough Yacht Club with a right royal send off by Barney and Val Barnes.  The wine was cracked at eleven'ish and the snacks came out.  By twelve we were on our way in bright warm sunshine.  It was the best set off we have ever had.  We decided to moor at Elton for the night. 

As we have all done the Nene many times we settled into a natural rhythm.  We only had to tow Pete and Sharon off once, when he stopped paying attention and hit a shallow bit.  Well, it couldn't all go too smoothly now could it.

Elton was beautiful and we moored next to some friendly people on NB Brass Buckle.  

Next day we cruised to Oundle.  Beautiful sunny and warm day.  Popped into Oundle and hit the pub.  Lovely afternoon had by all, followed by a few more drinks on the boat when we got back. 

We pressed on the next day and stopped at Thrapston.  The weather had changed by this time and the wind was horrendous.  That meant a day sitting it out.  I personally didn't mind as I was nursing a hangover from hell after Oundle.

With no sign of the weather changing we really put our backs into it and pressed on towards Wellingborough and then Northampton.  Cold, wet and uneventful cruising followed by some seriously early nights.

We had a farewell drink or two in the Malt  Shovel at Northampton on Saturday night and waved Pete and Sharon off early this morning.  They are eager to hit the canal and get off down to London.  We've had a lovely time with them and really do enjoy their company.

We are now settled in at Northampton until next Friday when Brenda and Mick on NB Ada Apple catch up with us ready to hit the canals and some serious cruising.

Suppose this gives me time to do all those little jobs like, cleaning windows etc. oh joy!!!

Sorry no pics haven't got to grips with pics and iPad on this blogs spot yet, bear with me.!

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  1. Great to hear from you, sounds like your cruising all summer. Our plan is to set off the first week of June and head up the Trent & Mersey to Great Haywood then up the Shroppy, after that we are not sure. If your heading north we would love to meet up. Hope you are both well.
    Jan & Chris