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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Not part of the plan!!

Not part of the plan!

After months of planning, the plan went wrong!  We had no sooner waved Pete and Sharon off and the pain that had been nagging me increased to a crescendo!  We needed to get back to Peterborough.  With my history you never know what the problem might be.  Jon came collected us and dropped us off at A&E in Peterborough.  After five hours and some pain relief they sent me home with painkillers and a rather loose diagnosis of shingles.  I had this confirmed at my normal clinic appointment which had been due two days later.  I am probably the only person in history to be glad they only have shingles!!  Now we knew what was wrong we could get back to boating.  So we caught the bus back to Northampton and met up with Brenda and Mick who just arrived on their boat as we got back to ours, what perfect timing. 

Travelling with two boats does minimise the work involved at locks, so we have pushed on despite me feeling well under the weather.  I have had a couple of ok days, but if I just say, no alcohol has passed my lips you will know I am not myself at the moment.   Most days we have moored up and then collapsed into bed.  We are nearly at Coventry which I haven't been to before on the boat, so we will have a day cruising now with no locks.  Ken has been very wheezy the last few days, so I think it might be wise to call at a walk in centre before Ken ends up poorly and we are even further from home.

Well everything went to plan today.  Cruised to Coventry, moored up and hit the walk in centre.  Marvellous service.  Didn't wait long and very good attention paid to Kens ailments.  Chest infection diagnosed and anti-biotics dished out.  Ken has to go back in two days to double check that he is improving.  Plenty to do in Coventry so don't mind being here one bit, even though it wasn't part of the plan!

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