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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

We've set off for the big smoke!!!

At last we have set off for the big smoke ‘London’. This nearly didn’t happen as a last minute disaster occurred. We discovered our prop was loose!!! A huge thank you to Dave, Vernon and Wayne for all their help getting our boat out of the water and the prop fixed in time to leave as planned.

This year we have a new crew member ‘Max’ our cat. Max loves swimming (well I say this loosely) he keeps falling in so he has no choice. We will be joined next week by three other boats to travel together. But first of all there is the ANRC rally to go and enjoy at Titchmarsh.

New crew member 'Max' - the swimming cat!!

Tuesday 24th May we set off for Wansford lock and our traditional stop off at The Angel Inn at Yarwell. Lovely evening as always spent with old mates catching up on all their news.

A leisurely cruise on Wednesday and we moored up at Ashton with the intention of going for a drink at the Chequered Skipper. Some old friends turned up on their boat ‘Housemartin’ and we never actually got to the pub. We sat out all evening with a drink watching Max and their dog ‘Misha’ getting used to each other. Misha decided the cat looked quite tastey sitting on top of our boat and went to grab him – ooops, a very wet Misha, she fell between the boat and the bank. So much for the shampoo she had the previously evening!!! In the cat’s panic he knocked my specs into the river and Ken had to retrieve them, so he was a bit wet too, ha ha.

Thursday we were up bright and early to clear the willow catkins and snow off the boat, what a mess the countryside can be. Set off for Oundle and some shopping. It was market day, so after stocking up at the butchers we hit the strawberry stall. Back to the boat and we set off for Titchmarsh.

The London Exhibitionists - (Sorry - Expeditionists!!)

ANRC rally at Titchmarsh – this was the usual meeting of old friends, getting a bit worse for wear in the bar and having a laugh on stage. Items of note – Max fell in the water shortly after arriving!! That kept him out of mischief all afternoon.

Tuesday 31st May – we set off again. Four boats, Caipercaillie (Pete and Trish), Sarob (John and Mary), Elvira Madigan II (Frank and Lynn) and ourselves on Amarantine. We decided to make a day of it and go on to Wellingborough to do some shopping, as supplies were getting a bit low (would hate to run out of wine/beer etc). This was a 10 lock day and we were all a bit cream crackered to settled in for an early night.

Man standing on top of tower thingy

Taken from a different angle, its not a man at all!!!

Today has been an easier day, although 7 locks is still a good one. We are moored at Cogenhoe, in the sun. Max is running around the field thinking he is in heaven. We are all once again weary from fresh air. Maybe we will be up for a drinky later.

My intention is to blog about once or twice a week, so keep watching this space.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that Trish's clothes horse fell over today and her knickers floated off down the river!!!!!

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